We believe that drones are for more than pretty pictures

Whether it's for delivering supplies to loved ones in a pandemic, more efficient fishing practices, or just to have fun with the family, we are passionate about Aeroo being used for the betterment of society.

For every sale, we donate a percentage to Aerial Rescue Charities, who can use drones to help people and animals in need

Below are a couple of the awesome charities we work with:

CareFlight Australia

CareFlight brings the hospital to people who cannot wait to get there for life-saving care. Their specialist doctors, nurses and paramedics use air ambulances to quickly reach critically ill and injured patients in remote areas across Australia. 

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WWF Australia

WWF are implementing drone technology to quickly act on and restore critical wildlife habitat at scale. Alongside monitoring vulnerable species, they are using drones to plant up to 40,000 seed pods a day which will grow to become future habtats for our threatened native wildlife.

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Our Mission

We hope that as the Aeroo community grows, we can employ our cost-effective and versatile drone payload solution to make a real difference first hand to the pressing issues we face today.

For now, we continue to donate to and work with these charities, and ensure 100% carbon neutral delivery on all orders. We also use biodegradeable materials where possible in our manufacturing processes, such as the safety clips, hooks and some shell components. But above all we want you to have a well made, high quality drone that will enable you to reflect our values for years to come.


We operate out of Sydney's Northern Beaches in Australia. Our awesome team combines decades of drone tech knowledge and generations of local fishing/sustainability wisdom to ensure you have the best experience possible with our drone after it leaves our factory. Unfortunately, to keep costs down we are currently 100% online, but all orders are shipped from our Northern Beaches factory and we offer express shipping options for domestic and global orders.

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