Drone Fishing with Aeroo

Simplicity. Strength. Reliability.

Automatic Bait Release Mechanism

Built tough from abs plastic, carbon fibre and steel, for consistent and reliable bait drops.

Release at the press of a button on the remote

Live Camera View

Pinpoint precisely where you want to drop your bait, with:

4K UHD Video

90° Camera Tilt

5x Digital Zoom

Electric Image Stabilisation

Safety Release Clip

Revolutionary design, massively reducing the risks involved with drone fishing. The Safety Clip will detach your bait from the drone in the emergency event of line tangles or snags.

Tap and Fly

Tap where you want to cast on the map, and the Aeroo Fishing Drone will fly to exactly that point, giving you easy and consistent bait drops

Payload Stability Mode

Slows acceleration and deceleration to reduce pendulum effect swinging, allowing for stable and controlled bait drops.

Automatic Return to Home

Press the button on the remote and the Aeroo Fishing Drone will fly itself back to; and land, exactly where you took off - keeping your hands free to fish.

It will also return home on low battery or falling out of range

Lightweight Compact Carry Bag

Ready for any Adventure

Powerful Heavy Lift Motors

2750kv high performance brushless motors pair with our low noise props for a massive max safe payload of 250g