Meet Aeroo


Simplicity, Strength and Reliability

is what we believe in, and we have streamlined every process so you can get straight down to business!




Auto Payload Release

Drop at the press of a button with carbon fibre reinforced mechanics and a steel release pin, our system is the toughest and most reliable out there

Powerful Heavy Lift Motors

2750kv high performance brushless motors pair with our low noise props for a massive max safe payload of 250g

How Much is 250g?

43 Prawns

3 Thick, Soft Toilet Rolls

5 Big Pilchards

125 Gummy Bears

20,832 House Flies

3 Full Size African Elephants... (maybe)

Drone Fishing




Safety Release Clip

See How Drone Fishing Works

Drone Delivery

Pick Up



Quick Release System

Just hook it on to the drone and clip on what you want to pick up, deliver or drop.

1m long dyneema rope with an inbuilt swivel for increased payload control

The Box

Designed to clip onto the quick release system, the box lets you deliver things more... prone to spilling (sold separately).

The Dropper

Clips directly onto the drone's legs, this lets you drop your payload with no excess (sold separately).

4K UHD Camera

Unleash your creative potential. Instantly see, capture and share your special moments from above

Live image transmission to your phone

12 MP 1/3 inch CMOS Sensor

3 Axis Electronic Image Stabilisation

90° Gimbal Tilt

5x Electronic Zoom

Tap & Fly

Draw a line where you want to go and Aeroo will fly automatically along that path

Return to Home

Aeroo will return automatically to where it took off:

At the Press of a Button, or with

Lost Signal

Low Battery

Payload Stability Mode

Controls Aeroo's acceleration and deceleration to eliminate swinging and keep your payload stable in flight

Intelligent GPS

Aeroo will connect to multiple satellites and knows exactly where it is at all times.

Designed for maximum stability while carrying a payload

It basically flies itself... Let go of the remote and the drone will hover in the same position

Lightweight Compact Carry Bag

Now you can take Aeroo with you wherever you go

Have the drone out of the bag and up in the air in under 2 minutes